Donemus Academy

Aug 2017

Academy 2017 starting again in October

We have prepared the new Academy 2017. Starting on Monday October 23, ending on November 27.
Did you just finish your study Composition at a Conservatory?
Apply now for the Academy for 'Everything you never thought you'd have to know'. An impressive team of experts will share their knowledge and experience.

Confirmed Experts:
Anthony Fiumara - De Merkcultuur
Bert Palinckx - November Music
Dylan Alling - De Merkcultuur
Elise Menkhorst - Banning Advocaten
Emlyn Stam - New European Ensemble
Esther Gottschalk - Nieuw Geneco
Evert van Gelderen - Banning Advocaten
Jacob ter Veldhuis - Composer
Jeroen van Veen - Pianist/composer
Neil Wallace - De Doelen
Ralph van Raat - Pianist
Raphaël Schumann - Newzik
Ron Ford - Fonds Podiumkunsten
Sven Arne Tepl - Residentie Orkest
Vanessa Lann - Composer

What is the Donemus Academy?

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-16 om 20.05.56Young composers regularly ask Donemus for support. After finishing their education at a conservatory, they jump into a new phase where they need to survive as a composer. Many topics require special attention. Apart from composing in and of itself, composers need to know about author rights, funding, entrepreneurship, Buma/Stemra, programming, and publishing, to name just a few of the ever-increasing number of topics. 

The Donemus Foundation started Donemus Academy to guide new composers on these topics. There will be discussions, reflections, presentations, lectures, and hands-on training in specific areas in order to give beginning composers the tools necessary to survive in contemporary music life.